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Boggy Bayou

Playground is located in Valparaiso, Florida on     Boggy Bayou. 




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 Disclaimer: We sold the Recording Studio in 2015. We continue to represent the intellectual interests of Chu-Fin Music and Minaret Records as well as our parent company Southern Americana Music llc. The studio is still there and operated by our friend Tim 850-678-3921. We hope you enjoy the site

Congrats To Scott Bomar and Craig Brewer...... and Go Memphis!



New! Hit off the press!!  FROM PLAYGROUND RECORDS

BigWater: the Boggy Bayou Band....


The BigWater story is on the back of the CD card. These are simply some songs we like, some we wrote, some we didn't. We had the idea of using some of the great songs from Finley Duncan's Playground catalogs and other songs from our friends Dan Penn, Phil Lee, Jimbo Mathis and more. We have some unique and talented musicians that contribute to this project..special thanks to Fred & Cynthia Dumulot, Tom Latenzer, David Adkins, Duane May, Hal Newman, David Adkins and Bobby Maxwell.

                          oh yeah... $10.00 + $1.00 shipping $11.00 bucks



The Playground Rhythm Section

In the mid sixties on the Emerald Coast of Florida, specifically in Valparaiso a man named Finley Duncan built a studio. No major hits were ever cut there but Playground Studio would thrive, no.. exist until 1989. He fostered a rhythm section sometime in late sixties comprised of RJ Benninghoff and Kent Phillips, who were Indianians he had come in contact with in Nashville while working with Brenda Lee, Larry Shell a local singer songwriter who would later go on to write a Grammy winning song of the year and two brothers JohnRainey and David Adkins from Dothan, Alabama. John Rainey had led Bobby Goldsburo's band and went on to lead the Candymen who infamously backed Roy Orbison and has a couple of major label releases themselves. David, John's brother basically grew up in the studio under brother John's tutlildge and is a multi instrumentalist. The impressive fact here, besides the unique blend of musicians, treatment of the material and social content, this album was cut on a half inch Ampex tape machine. During this time frame not many studio engineers were as adept at manipulating the 4track machine as such. There are other players and singers scattered out through the album that are not listed, and for that accept my apologies. We were just barely able to scrape some of this off the tapes.


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 anti everything rock from 1967-1971



 ALERT !!!! on Playground Records


Recorded at International Recording Studio in 1979 these master tapes disappeared until March of 2013. We would hear rumors of producers who had heard the tapes and wrote identical songs.. we heard that a different artist had overdubbed lead vocal. The tape was thin but we transferred it in the late spring of 2013.. Jim Dickinson has a signature piano lick on each song.. This is Mason Arnold and the Delta Wildcats with JLD 

sweet and Salty     

Sweet "N" Salty

Libby Rae Watson

Ms. Libby has taken some classic delta blues stalwarts and added some unheard Sam Chatmon and an original blues called "Sugar" written with former husband and grandfather of the Hill Country Blues, Bobby Ray Watson. Ms Libby performs these tunes as she has lived them. BTW.. all of the recordings used in S&S survived or barely survived the Katrina floods. The combination of analog decay and old blues tunes is a convincing mix.. Load up the pipe, sit back, kick off your slippers and be charmed with Ms Libby's interpretations


We hope you enjoy your visit to the Playground site

Playground Studios originally built and completed in 1969 by Finley Duncan is located in the heart of Old downtown Valparaiso, Florida.

It was the home of Minaret Records, Turrett Records, Choctaw and Circle Records. During the years from 1969 to 1989 some very obscure but now sought after recordings were made at Playground.

Some of the artists that recorded here were Big John Hamilton, David Allan Coe, Doris Allen, Tiny Watkins, Freddy Hart, Len Wade, Jay Chevalier, Ed Bruce, Billie Jo Spears, Larry Shell, Leroy Lloyd, Jimmy Gresham, Reuben Howell, Chuck Cooper, Big Al Downing and Jimmy "Orion" Ellis to name a few.

Kinda the best of both worlds

The facility sat empty between 1989 and 2005 when Jim and Jill Lancaster purchased and renovated the facility. Keeping the Playground name, we have updated the studio to an analog/digital facility. While we have maintained the decor as much as possible we offer digital recording on ProTools as well as Digital Performer in addition to analog recording on a 24 track analog machine through a Neve console. 

In 2007 after renovations we began restoring the many thousands of masters left here as well as recording new groups and issuing new product. Please visit the other pages of our site to get an idea of what goes on here and



 Now available at Your Favorite Soulful Record Shop or at

 This site will feature our catalogs of songs and tracks that are available for licensing. The site will also feature some of our work at Playground Records. Licensing page to be added soon!