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St. Patrick's Day 

Looks like we're spending Saturday March 17th up in Crestview at Johnny O'Quigley's. We are helping promote a show for Jackschitt productions.. Scheduled to appear are Etienne Blue Lambert, Clayton Lancaster, Ashli Rose, Duane Michael, Pinchottle.. and electric Clayton (Which is kinda BigWater).

Show runs from 3pm to 11pm under a big tent in the parking lot.. with the RedBull girls and Green Beer.. Yee Haw!

Come on out and spend St. Patty's Day with us.. trying to avoid green beer

JImmy Gresham is Free 

On Tuesday Feb. 21st 2012 Jimmy Gresham was released from a Florida prison. Many say he was wrongly convicted and not given a fair trial. He has spent over twenty years in prison. He was originally doing 30 with no chance of parole and due to a fluke change in Florida laws, was released. Jimmy is  from Ft Walton and recorded at Playground as well as released other records with other companies.

Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Website is here In 2007 Some of Jimmy's deep voiced soul recordings were included in "Soul Resurrection" The Playground Story Vol. 1 which led to his version of "No Way To Stop It", also recorded at Playground, being used in 2009's "Friday The 13th" film. For those of you who may not be hip to Jimmy, check his wiki link here another site to check  is

This is a hell of a story.. Jimmy has one of the best soul voices ever... a big congratulations to Jimmy and his family

some exciting news! 

There is going to be some exciting news in the next couple of days. Someone we hadn't expected to see is about to appear. As soon as we verify and can testify we will pass the news on to you SOUL fans. Sometimes good things do happen.. stay tuned!

Healing Center 

OK.. check this link

this is something we've been looking at this morning as Mardi Gras season comes into bloom. Playground has friends who are looking into sponsoring an event to commemorate the Gulf Oil Spill... sometime in in April (20th) in New Orleans 

The Healing Center would be a great spot to hold such an event... check it out

Back on Line.. 


We lost our first infamous website site, "to the comet",  as my compadre Jim Dickinson used to say, back in the middle of 2011. This was due to a misunderstanding of payment... or lack thereof to a hosting company. This loss was staggering, considering the dubious honor bestowed upon our site by the watchdog site... OMG This Sucks!    The honor?  Oh yeah.. we were a perfect example of why you shouldn't build and maintain your own sites..

Well... we are back on line... we are not sure how everything works... but believe you can follow us and make comments through an rss feed.. that should be provided on the page somewhere.. again we're new at this.. we welcome any comments, for better or worse, and questions are welcome... not sayin' we can answer... but any interaction is good.